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2.3 Secret Sharing and Thresholds

Tholos supports configurable secret sharing and threshold parameters to adapt to the different security requirements and use cases of our users.

1. Configuring Secret Shares and Thresholds

During wallet setup, users can define the total number of secret shares (n) and the threshold (t) required to sign transactions. The threshold must be a value between 1 and n, where n is the total number of secret shares. A higher threshold increases the security of the wallet but requires more parties to cooperate for signing transactions.

2. Distribution of Secret Shares

After the secret shares are generated, they must be securely distributed to the respective parties. Tholos provides a secure mechanism for sharing secret shares, using encrypted messaging channels.

3. Signing Transactions

To sign a transaction, the threshold number of parties must collaborate by joining a secure room on their mobile devices using the Tholos mobile app. Each party then signs the transaction using their secret share. Once the threshold is reached, the wallet combines the partial signatures to create a valid signature for the transaction, which can then be broadcasted to the blockchain.