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5.3 Backup and Restoration

Backing Up

During the Vault creation process, you were asked to create a Backup File. Here are some recommendations for backup options.

Cloud storage

Encrypted files can be stored in cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud. These services provide easy access to the files from any device with an internet connection, and some also offer advanced security features like two-factor authentication.

External hard drive

Encrypted files can also be stored on an external hard drive, which can be kept in a secure location. This provides an offline backup option and ensures that the secret share is not vulnerable to online attacks.

Secure hardware device

A hardware device like a USB key or a HSM can be used to store the encrypted file. These devices are designed to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access.


If your Tholos account is part of a vault, but no secret share is found on your device, you will be prompted to recover your vault. Click Import Backup File, select your backup file and then enter the password to restore your vault.