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1.3 Terminology

To better understand this documentation, familiarize yourself with the following terms:

  • Private Key: A secret key used to sign transactions and control access to the assets in the wallet.
  • Secret Share: A portion of a private key generated through a secret sharing scheme, such as Shamir's Secret Sharing.
  • Multi-Party Computation (MPC): A cryptographic technique that allows multiple parties to jointly compute a function while keeping their individual inputs private.
  • Threshold: The minimum number of secret shares required to sign a transaction.
  • Blockchain: A distributed ledger that records transactions and other data in a secure, tamper-proof manner.
  • Audit Log: A record of all wallet activities, including transactions, events, and other wallet-related actions.
  • Dashboard: A centralized location for managing transactions, assets, contacts, and settings in the wallet.
  • Vault: A secure storage for digital assets, often used by organizations to manage multiple wallets or accounts.
  • Organization: A group of users with multiple vaults, allowing for flexible management of assets and permissions.